The Forex Holy Grail

What is the Holy Grail?
The Holy Grail is supposedly the dish or cup used by Christ at the "Last Supper", which is said to possess miraculous powers. Apparently a wealthy merchant named Joseph of Arimathea was left with some of the elements used in the crucifixion and at the "Last Supper" and presumably would have travelled with them to some countries in Europe (France or England) where he and his descendants would have guarded the relics for the rest of their days.

Regardless of the multitude of interpretations that have arisen based on different stories about the Holy Grail in the Middle Ages, it is a fact that has always been a burning issue that has led expeditions for organizing your research and the subject of literature, books and films of all kinds.

...and what does this story have to do with our Forex Robots? ...the answer is simple ...there has always existed in the world of trading the search for the Forex Holy Grail. That infallible Robot Forex or strategy or near close to it and that has nothing to do with most typical losers strategies.

.. mmm .. this is getting interesting.

What is The Project "The Forex Holy Grail"?
This project is a brainchild idea of RobotFX based on some discoveries about the Forex "Market Equilibrium."

A few months ago RobotFX discovered something that was already long suspected by clear evidence, the market is permanently in an imperfect balance. This imperfection of equilibrium leads to new possibilities beyond what is usually known by most traders.
Following these discoveries (very little or almost nothing documented on the net), RobotFX has decided to launch a Research and Development (R & D) project under its own led called the "Forex Holy Grail".
The project has begun its development 6 months ago (June 2009) and has planned a schedule development and testing until March 2010. (probably will be brought forward to January 2010 given the good results being obtained)

What features will the "Forex Holy Grail" have?
We all know that 95% of traders / strategies lose money in Forex.

Belonging to the 5% is just being on "The Other Side" where very few traders are. People who are at the other 5% of course use techniques or strategies that have made themselves fruit of years of research and that provides domain specific characteristics of a particular currency pair or market.

In our case the proposed Project "Holy Grail of Forex", and given the special nature of its operation, we are looking for these features:
  • Close ZERO RISK (The "close" is because nothing in life is TOTAL)
  • NO dependent on the Spread
  • NO affected by most of the tricks of Brokers:

    • Delays
    • Freezes
    • Sleppages
    • Displacements in entry or exits orders
    • Jump or Stop Hunting

  • Fully automatic (1 to 5 Robots and Indicators, as needed)
  • Can be used in either ECN or any Dealing Desk broker (some brokers will not have all markets for which the system is ready)
  • Ideal for large accounts (as option, will have connection to high rated brokers as Dukascopy or similar large Brokers)

  • The proposed target return go to 10% to 25% per month. (The actual test shown results as impressive as 35%, 75% and up. In October 2009 was +72% gross, November +46% gross, December +12.7% and January 2010 +11.23%)

  • The markets used, are diverse including Foreign Exchange and some Commodities and Indexes
If you know a little about Forex, will appreciate the true value of characteristics of that list and know the immeasurable value they have. Simply, this technology is worth MILLIONS...!!

Can I take part in this project of "The Forex Holy Grail "?
Yes.., you can. If you know something about the world of investments, forex and other risk options... you are welcome!
One of the major characteristics about this initiative is that the project is open to participation to third parties. That is, participation is open to 50 members (or 100 as needed by demand) as co-owners of technology resulting from the implementation of the Project.

Project participants will receive monthly information (to the extent permitted by confidentiality) about the tests are being conducted and its results.
The basis of participation are:
  • Cost of participation: 1000 € or equivalent in $ USD
  • Pre-enrollment until November 31, 2009 or end of spots
If you want to participate, send your full details with the Subject: "Participation in Project Holy Grail" or also alternatively Enroll now here..!

And I'll get as a partner-owner?
You will be co-own with the rest of the 50 or 100 selected of the "Holy Grail of Forex" (trading robots, indicators, written materials and videos concerning the use of the different strategies resulting from the implementation of the project)
You can use them with your own investmentst where and when you want. However, you not can to use that for commercial purposes. You can only use it for your personal use.

And could you work for me my investments with the Forex Holy Grail?
Yes ..We can!
There are customers who do not want or haven´t time to meet their investments. If this is your case, we will do our best for you for a fee. (this service is only disponible for participants in the project)

Hurry up...! you can be now one of the PRIVILEGED co-owners of the "Forex Holy Grail" project!

Si ya tenemos tu contacto o eres cliente, danos un toque por skype!
-This is not a Product or Service for sale, tries to catch the meaning of the potential of this project.
-The participation in this Project, is a PRIVILEGE. If you are not interested in this one magnificent technological and exclusive opportunity, we respect your right to not participation.
-Please, do not more questions to us in reference to if you trust or distrust, if it works or not, if .... etc. This is a project with work in progress.
-Do not ask us for any more info (there are not more than what you are reading here), not demos, and reports as far as confidentiality allows are only available for the project participants.
-Our time is valued, we want to dedicate it to the tests and development of technology and do not want to lose it as if this was the sale of a Product or Service.
2009 © RobotFX Forex Factory
This article can be ditributed freely for and in any way, always that you respects the total integrity of the content without any change, mentioning the source origin and the Author.

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